Golf as a sport in Germany

Golfing in Germany is still considered as an elite sport. While traditionally not known to be a golfing country, the emergence of German golfer, Bernhard Langer, in the 1980’s placed Germany firmly on the golfing map and since then, several golf courses have been developed around the country. Langer, fondly called the “Ice Man” by his adoring fans, is a two time Masters Champion and his impact on golf in Germany has been immeasurable. The Germans take their golf very seriously and it is important to note that golfers wishing to play the sport in Germany require a golfing license (Platzreife) which is proof of handicap. Foreign players do not need to take the Platzreife examinations if they can prove their handicap through official club membership and handicap card.

Another legend in the world of golf recently made the headlines for all the good reasons. Tiger Woods’ win at the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Doral, his 2nd PGA win this year, reminds us all that he’s still the best in the world. Attention will now move to the Masters in Augusta, which is slated to start on April 2013. Woods, like Germany’s Langer is a former Masters champion, and is determined to reclaim the prestigious Green jacket in golf, awarded to all winners of the Masters. The Green jacket is to golf what a World Series bracelet is to poker. Not all great players will ever win one, and certainly there are great players that haven’t. But like the winner’s bracelet in poker, it will always be something others strive towards, and winning it ensures the respect of peers. The similarities between golf and poker go further than just the rewards, and that the two pursuits boast similar aspects. Many of the attributes needed in successful poker players are those demanded in professional athletes, like high levels of concentration, focus and determination. Boris Becker, the former World Number One tennis player from Germany, best exemplified the following traits. Becker was the ultimate competitor during his tennis career, and is regarded as one of the greatest professional tennis players of all time. He’s been playing poker for the past few years, becoming a regular fixture in the live scene. Like most sports personalities, Becker started to hone his skills while playing online poker after his professional career was done. Online sites like partypoker DE provides the venue for poker enthusiast to play the game at the comforts of their own home. Partypoker simply offers the best online poker experience, and they provide the biggest rooms with tremendous player action, anytime of the day. Woods, Becker and Langer are competitors who are known to have excelled in the respective fields that they have participated on.

Golf in Germany is very much built around the transport infrastructure with the majority of German golf courses being close to the major commercial cities of Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Hamburg therefore being ideal for visiting golfers. With so many great courses to choose from it is worth taking the time to really explore golf in Germany. The Club Zur Vahr course in Bremen, previous home of the German Open, is one of the best layouts in Germany. The Klostermannshof golf course in Niederkassel is very popular and so too is the Hohen Wieschendorf on the coast.

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